Chalk It Up! Dana + DESIRON

We love seeing people, particularly artists that we've worked with in the past...just simply flourishing. Well, our artist friend Dana Tanamachi knows ALL about flourishing now.

Image by Kelsey Foster


Our PR/Marketing Director Chinae was at a house party and spotted the coolest chalk drawing/lettering and knew she had to find out who's handiwork it was...surprised that the artist was in fact her friend Dana, she immediately invited Dana to come to the showroom one evening and design a wall for our Cooper Collection Launch Event.

Over pizza and laughter, Dana created an amazing display for us and we even made a stop motion video to show the progress.

Dana's Cooper Collection Chalk Art (link to video)

Long after that chalk drawing came down, after countless projects with West Elm, The Ace Hotel, Ralph Lauren Rugby, and many others...Dana had an Oprah experience. Not just any Oprah experience, but was commissioned to do the COVER OF O MAGAZINE. 

Here are some photos of her work in O and we are so thankful to have been able to watch her talent grow with each project! Check out our little shoutout in the magazine too...yep, we are the furniture store mentioned :)

Image by George Burns O Magazine Check out more of Dana's work HERE.


Chinae and the DESIRON Team!


Man On The Move & The New York Times: {Guest Post by Frank}

This week has officially been a whirlwind. Last Thursday, the year-long labor of love, my Greenwich village apartment was featured in the NY Times Home section. Boy has the response been overwhelming. Good, but overwhelming.

Joyce Wadler wrote an amazing article paired with splendid photography by Trevor Tondro. I was so thankful to get to know two people that do their work so well and really spend time with the subjects they capture. Lots of respect for them.

Since the article, I’ve been asked so many questions about my space, my personal belongings, and how all of it came about. A question that keeps being asked is, “What are your favorite items in your apt?”

So I thought I’d answer that here. I love that my furniture is made by my DESIRON team for the most part, and that I got to collaborate with my employees on making things for my living space. Other than that, some of my favorite things are my longhorn skull, my vintage barstools (recovered from an old ship), and my steam shower (the ultimate luxury for my sore days after a hard workout!)

Here are some photos from the shoot and I hope you all head over to the NY Times site to read the full story!

Have any questions about my design, the stuff I like or want to schedule a design consult? Email me at soho@desiron.com





Hi friends,

We've started an exciting new discussion series called Sub D this winter at DESIRON. Sub D is a quarterly gathering of folks in the design industry, getting together and hearing from industry experts, design aficionados, and people who are doing things differently in the interiors, art, and design space. 

Our first incubator gathering of Sub D was the concept of New American. Three designers: Laura Kirar, Francois Chambard, and our very own Frank Carfaro spoke on the subject of making product in America and the process behind it. Dan Golden led the discussion and produced the topic. We'll have a video wrap up of the discussion up on the media section of our site ASAP.

Here was the invite and some photos from the event.

Before the event...

 Our Audience...Our Speakers...

Hope you can make it to our next Sub D Event!


Chinae and the DESIRON Team


{PRESS} The Best Fall Cocktail Party You'll Ever Throw...

Fall is the ideal time to host a cozy cocktail soiree and the Driscoll Bar Cart might be the dream piece to have when throwing your party. 

Elle Decor thinks our Driscoll Bar Cart is What's HOT! in the world of design...and though we might be partial...we agree. See the mention HERE.

Now that you've found the perfect bar cart...how about we provide you with an amazing Fall cocktail!

Brandied Apple Cider:

What You’ll Need:


-1/4 Cup Fresh Apple Cider

-1 Part Apple Brandy

-1 Part Regular Brandy

-Splash of Fresh Lemon Juice

-1 Teaspoon of Pure Maple Syrup

-2 Apple Slices, rubbed with lemon juice for garnish

Start with a chilled cocktail glass. Fill your cocktail shaker half-full with ice. Add all ingredients, minus the apples. Shake hard. Strain into your chilled glass and garnish with apple slices. 

Send us photos of your best Fall parties!

-Chinae and the DESIRON Team


Feeling GILTY....

GILT Groupe just launched their NEW home site this past week and we were honored to be among the brands featured for the launch. 

Here are some screenshots of our vendor area...

We are loving the new design and coloration. What are your thoughts?

Also...we'll be having a flash sale with GILT November 3rd! Keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive DESIRON for GILT GROUPE collection.

Happy Shopping,

Chinae and the DESIRON Team