We've Moved!

Well moved but still unpacking!

We've physically moved out of Soho, and are in the new Lexington location, but we are still in the process of installing a brand new Electrolux kitchen, unpacking the last remnant boxes, and of course, bringing in the final furniture pieces. We're making progress day by day!

What a long process moving can be after being in one showroom for 10 years, but we've found that a fresh start in a new place can be an incredible opportunity!

In our new space we are proud to partner with brands we beleive in, creating the perfect atmosphere for good design to happen. Brands like Frette, Electrolux, and Tufenkian merchandise our space and of course we continue to be direct sellers for brands like Cerno, Yerra Rugs, and Caleb + Carmen lighting. 

Come visit us at the NYDC on the 7th floor (Suite 702) and cheers to a new beginning a little further uptown!

All the best,

Chinae + the DESIRON Team



DESIRON Accessory Guide

Take a peek at our DESIRON Accessory Guide for Winter 2012!

To request pricing or more information, write me HERE.

Happy Shopping!



5 Questions with...Alan Tanksley.

This month, we highlight one of our favorite designer clients, Alan Tanksley. We were lucky enough to get a few moments of Alan's time and ask him our most pressing design queries. 

5 Questions with...Alan Tanksley:

Q:How would you describe the Alan Tanksley aesthetic?  

A: I describe my work as high-end residential with a classical approach to modern design. That said, my clients can expect the results to be warm, comfortable, and livable.

Q: During the Fall, what are you particularly inspired by and how does this influence your design?

A: I am inspired by this season of nesting and creating particularly warm and inviting places to retreat to, when the cold winds start to blow. Although a summer baby by birth, with a love of the cool, fresh colors of the season, I'm always happy to trade them in for the nurturing colors of this gorgeous season. 

Q: If you're packing for a Autumnal getaway, besides clothes and shoes, what essentials live in your bag?

A: I don't miss having a country retreat of my own, because I'm fortunately frequently a guest of the many friends that do. Therefore, I pack my car with food, libations, and something special for my hosts. So in my bag, you'll find a couple books (that most often go unread), my camera, and a GPS. That about covers it!

Q: What's been your favorite personal or professional project of 2012 so far? 

A: My favorite professional project is my work with a Boston-based family on a vacation house we are building in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The project has become an obsession as I've been able to design practically everything from the detailing, materials, and finishes to the furnishing and decoration throughout. On top of that, the clients are truly wonderful people. 

Personally, the success of February's Benefit for Bailey House, an awesome agency providing housing and services for homeless people affected by HIV/AIDS, was very rewarding. Especially as I had the pleasure of co-chairing with my friend Karen Marx of Elle Decor. 

Q: What's your favorite piece from the DESIRON collection and why?

A: Well that's an easy one. The steel bookcase sheathed with wood. It's my favorite because...I designed this piece specifically for use in a show house we did in Bridgehampton, and now DESIRON is producing it. I am very proud of our collaboration.


Check out Alan's work, HERE and visit his Facebook page HERE. 


It's Not Easy Being Green...

Our Soho showroom is ever-evolving and changing, but recently we made some big changes out at our New Jersey factory! 

In the last few months, the DESIRON facility has undergone a facelift which includes a very special new addition...a solar roofing project. As a company we are always trying to think of ways to reduce waste, be kinder to the environment, and do our part to keep up with technological advances in manufacturing. 

Warning...things are about to get a little technical...bear with me.

This year's project was a TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roof installed on the entire surface of the DESIRON factory.  


Here are some benefits of our new TPO roof:

  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • reduces carbon footprint
  • holds internal temp of the facility and reduces energy waste
  • comes with a tracking system that is monitored online
  • resistant to heat and UV degradation
  • good cold-temperature flexibility
  • no external plasticizers added

All in makes us less wasteful, more consious about our energy-efficency, and improves the quality of our facility that serves as a workplace for 50+ artisans.  



5 Questions with...Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs


Photo: Tetsuharu Kubota ©

This month, we highlight one of our most dapper designer clients, who utterly exudes American luxury and impeccable taste. We were lucky enough to get a few moments of Jon Call's time and ask him our most pressing design queries. 

5 Questions with...Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs:

Q: If you were writing your Ten Commandments of Design, what would be your top three principles?

A: 1) Invest in a long, lean, tight back sofa. 2) Lamps should never go above 55" in a room. 3) Floor coverings should define the perimeters of a room, not the seating area. 

Q: How do you balance your client's preferences and the Mr. Call Designs aesthetic?

A: Crafting a great interior is similar to writing a story. In our case, we allow the clients to set the perimeters of the narrative, and we fill in the blanks accordingly. When that approach doesn't work, a good strong drink always seems to help.

Q: Since summer vacationing time is coming to a close, what would you say is the most awe-inducing place you've ever travelled and why?

A: Warsaw, Poland. Not for the visual scenery or anything like that, but for the creative energy and enthusiasm for good design. As a whole, the country is seeing art and commerce with fresh eyes and the results are intense. I was at a fashion show for designer Gosia Baczynska that was inspired from a short film from the early 80's. In terms of modernism, it redefined the word for me. 

Q: You need to get inspiration, to get work done, or a few hours of relaxation. Where's your favorite NYC creative hideaway?

A: The Highline in New York. There is something about climbing those stairs that literally allows you to detach from the city and see it from a new perspective. Those views remind me of why I came to New York in the first place.  

Q: What's your favorite piece from the DESIRON collection and why?

A: We recently used the Empire Coffee table in a project of ours. We had it made with burnished copper base and a hammered edge glass top. It was absolutely sick.


Check out Mr. Call Designs HERE, or follow Jon on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.